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Stone Cleaning Services

Marble and other natural stones add a level of beauty and class to any property.

On the other hand, marble and natural stone require regular cleaning and maintenance to retain their original color and vibrancy. At Marble Colors Restoration FL, we provide you with professional and hassle-free natural stone cleaning and polishing services. 

Stone Cleaning Services

We use high quality yet gentle cleaning solutions for cutting through tough grease, grime and dirt from all surfaces. We use heavy-duty machines to remove all dirt from pores and clean the grout. We never use abrasive chemical cleaners that can damage natural stone. 

Be it soiled joints or cracks and crevices or depressions, our skilled and experienced technicians remove dirt, grime, mold, algae, mildew or anything else that has built up on marble or any other natural stone.

Our stone cleaning services include:

  • Cleaning stone floors
  • Cleaning stone tiles
  • Cleaning stone shower
  • Cleaning stone countertops
  • Cleaning stone tile floors
  • Cleaning stone tile shower

Stone Cleaning and Sealing

Once we clean and polish the stone, we seal the surface with commercial-grade sealants to protect against future staining and pitting. We also have a black stone cleaning kit to clean black stone surfaces.

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Marble Colors Restoration F: provides premier residential and commercial stone care in South FL. You can trust our expert team with your marble and stone cleaning, polishing and restoration. Free quotes are also available.

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We have a decade's experience in cleaning and restoring natural stones. We have been servicing clients across South Florida.



We accommodate a wide range of clientele and provide them with residential and commercial stone cleaning and restoration services.



We strive to overdeliver on our promise. Therefore, we only use high-quality products and machines to deliver excellent results.


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