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Is your floor uneven?

Do you want your marble, tile, or other natural stone floors to be flattened to the grout lines to ease cleaning?

At Marble Colors Restoration FL, we grind away excess stone through a lippage removal process to create flat and even surfaces using state-of-the-art diamond grinding technology. 

Stone Grinding (Lippage Removal) Process

The stone grinding or lippage removal is done using diamond grinding technology. It smoothens the ledges and removes deep scratches and stains from the floor. There are two stages in the process:

First Stage:

The first step in the diamond grinding process is the removal of lippage to make the surface flat and even at the grout lines. Metal bonded diamond plates are utilized to coarsely grind the stone to make it flat.

Second Stage: 

In this stage, the process is repeated with finer grades of a diamond. These diamonds are resin bonded. The finer grades of the pad help to remove the scratches left after the preceding grade. The grade of diamond used depends on the type of stone and finish required.

Talk To Our Lippage Removal Experts

At Marbles Colors Restoration FL, we have all the necessary tools and experienced staff for lippage removal and levelling any rough spots. If you live in South Florida and are looking for stone grinding or lippage removal, you can call our experts to get obligation-free quotes.

Why Choose Us


diamond grinding technology

Apart from removing lippage, the stone grinding process also removes deep scratches. At Marble Colors Restoration FL, we use diamond grinding technology to grind the stone flooring flat to give your surface a completely even appearance. Our lippage removal services remove your floor's rough ledges and flatten the stones to a balanced level. The stone grinding process gives a fantastic result and leaves your floor looking even and almost like a single slab of stone.


honing, polishing and sealing.

Apart from removing the roughness of the ledges, stone grinding also removes the stains and scratches. The fact is stone grinding is an integral part of the marble floor or other natural stone floor restoration process as it acts as the base for honing, polishing and sealing.


experienced people

We only hire experienced people because marble and stone grinding and lippage removal are highly skilled procedures. Our experts ensure the stone is ground properly and your floor looks beautiful and even. In addition, our experts eliminate even the worst scratches on the floor through our lippage removal process.