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Our Services

Stone Cleaning

We use high quality yet gentle cleaning solutions for cutting through tough grease, grime and dirt from all surfaces.

Stone Sealing

We are stone sealing experts and have a business that is family-owned in South Florida.

Stone Polishing

We at Marble Colors Restoration, FL, are stone floor polishing experts, and our business is family-owned in South Florida.

Stone Honing

Look no further; Marble Colors Restoration FL provides you with premium marble honing services.

Stone Grinding (Lippage Removal)

At Marble Colors Restoration FL, we grind away excess stone through a lippage removal process to create flat and even surfaces using state-of-the-art diamond grinding technology.

Grout Color Sealing / Staining

Our grout color sealing/staining services help you protect your grout for years to come and completely revitalize your tiled surface’s appearance.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

At Marble Colors Restoration FL, we are steam cleaning specialists and use advanced high-pressure equipment to remove dirt and grime.


We just don't limit ourselves to delivering impeccable quality; we also ensure you have a beautiful experience.

Experts in Natural Tile & Stone

Our services include cleaning, sealing, polishing, honing and grinding of stone.

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