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Is your marble or natural stone floor losing its lustre, or does your floor have stains giving it a bad appearance?

Are you wondering how to polish natural stone?

Then stop worrying. We at Marble Colors Restoration, FL, are stone floor polishing experts, and our business is family-owned in South Florida. We bring back the lost gloss and shine of your stone flooring, be it residential or commercial. 

We offer stone cleaning, stone polishing, stone restoration services. We polish various stones, including marble, granite, onyx, travertine, and terrazzo

Stone Polishing Machine

We use professional equipment and stone polishing tools for polishing and restoring marble and other natural stones. In addition, we use high-performance diamond pads or metals in a sequence for achieving desired results.  

Stone Polishing Kit

We use premium stone polishing kits specially designed for polishing marble or natural stones of various shapes. Our stone polishing kit restores the glossy shine of marble countertops, floors, kitchen, bathroom, lobbies, outdoor tiles, shopping malls, office spaces etc. In addition, our stone polishing kits are highly effective in the process of grinding and polishing stones.

Stone Polishing By Hand

We also polish stone by hand to remove light etches, scuffs and scratches. Stone polishing by hand also produces a high gloss shine.  

We offer high-end Terrazo restoration services in South Florida at affordable rates. Our experts use the latest methods for polishing stone floors and restoring the shine of your marble or natural stone floor. Our technicians use a combination of natural, chemical and mechanical processes for polishing stone for granite. We help you get a mirror finish, zero lippage and sparkling floors. We use advanced tools and machinery for stone restoration

Why Choose Us



Our staff is trained to handle the machines and carry out the stone polishing process. They help you restore the glossy finish of your natural stone and remove stains, scratches, etch marks and dull spots.



We offer stone polishing by using powder polishes, diamond abrasives and machine scrubbing for polishing your natural stone floor and restoring its glossy shine and protecting it for years to come.



Our stone polishing process is tailored to meet our client's specific needs. We deliver high-quality work and long-lasting results.